Lacuna GmbH


As an independent investment company located in Regensburg, Lacuna develops, markets and sells innovative investment fund and shareholding concepts. The investment company was founded in Regensburg as long ago as 1996, and since then, true to its name Lacuna (Latin for niche), it has been successfully and efficiently tapping new market niches with a long-term potential return on investment.

Besides the emerging markets of health and property, Lacuna's core investment fields include renewable energies. Lacuna GmbH designs innovative system solutions for investors in these segments. This includes both stock-oriented sector funds in the health and property sectors and investments like private placements or closed-end funds. 

Meanwhile, in addition to various placements in the biomass and photovoltaic fields, Lacuna has successfully implemented twelve wind investments at a capacity of 101 MW and investment sums of over €195 million since 2011.

Added to this, we are currently managing a volume of more than €164 million in several investment funds in the health sector. Lacuna GmbH is solely responsible for selling the shares for this investment fund. 

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